the run-down

We’re looking to showcase sincere, boundary-pushing creative work, and foster a supportive community amongst emerging artists. Form informed by content, content informed by form. More radical disclosures, less ironic detachment. We want pieces that scream out for solidarity and connection, that will leave us sighing with relief that somebody else out there feels the same way.

the details

These categories are meant to be broad and expansive. They are all inclusive of new media and hybrid forms.

art: Visual work, including painting, collage, and photography. Send us up to 5 still images.

music: Audio work, including songs, soundscapes, and audio narratives. Send us an audio file up to 10 minutes in length.

literature: Written work, including fiction, nonfiction/essays, and poetry. Send us up to 5,000 words of fiction or non-fiction, or 3-5 poems.

Feeling ready?

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